Fusion fits any school

The entire design of our Fusion Digital School is based around your needs. You can individually customise features, services and content based upon the groups which students belong to. Four intelligently designed interface levels, and multiple themes allow end-users to work according to their needs and ability. With a truly responsive design, your learning experience is tailored to the device you're using.

The My Learning App allows students, teachers, staff and parents to receive and contribute information from any device. And did we mention that our interface operates in over 120 languages?


Theme-based learning


  • Video & Audio Recorder
    Use your webcam, phone or tablet to directly record content (no other software required)
  • Content Library
    Connect to growing library of learning activities via single sign-on
  • YouTube & Flickr Grabber
    Quickly browse and import media from YouTube and Flickr in safety


  • Homework Manager
    Streamlined task and homework management
  • Blog Manager
    Create multimedia blog entries for every group and for the whole school
  • Course Manager
    Build or import SCORM content and track progress and assignments


  • Create Documents
    Build the perfect document using our built-in document designer
  • Share Files
    Import and share files with groups or indvidiuals. Assign levels of access
  • Website Builder
    Allows each student, staff member and class to build a fully functional website


  • Instant Messaging
    Send personal or group messages to other school members
  • Share Files
    Import and share files with groups or individuals. Assign levels of access
  • Parent Portal
    Allow parents to monitor their child's activity and progress reports


  • Grading Center
    Create grading templates and assess contributed work
  • Feedback
    Provide written feedback on all files and assignments
  • Tracking and Marking
    Set self marked quizzes and track progress through learning routes
  • Forms
    Build forms for surveys, quizzes or skill assessment. Collect data and export


  • Cloud Storage Integration
    Seamless integration with your Microsoft, Google and Dropbox cloud stores
  • MIS Integration - Data
    Data synchronisation with all leading MIS systems
  • MIS Integration - Reporting
    Timetable, behaviour, attendance and reports