Theme-based learning


  • Video & Audio Recorder
    Use your webcam, phone or tablet to directly record content (no other software required)
  • Content Library
    Connect to growing library of learning activities via single sign-on
  • YouTube & Flickr Grabber
    Quickly browse and import media from YouTube and Flickr in safety


  • Homework Manager
    Streamlined task and homework management
  • Blog Manager
    Create multimedia blog entries for every group and for the whole school
  • Course Manager
    Build or import SCORM content and track progress and assignments


  • Create Documents
    Build the perfect document using our built-in document designer
  • Share Files
    Import and share files with groups or indvidiuals. Assign levels of access
  • Website Builder
    Allows each student, staff member and class to build a fully functional website


  • Instant Messaging
    Send personal or group messages to other school members
  • Share Files
    Import and share files with groups or individuals. Assign levels of access
  • Parent Portal
    Allow parents to monitor their child's activity and progress reports


  • Grading Center
    Create grading templates and assess contributed work
  • Feedback
    Provide written feedback on all files and assignments
  • Tracking and Marking
    Set self marked quizzes and track progress through learning routes
  • Forms
    Build forms for surveys, quizzes or skill assessment. Collect data and export


  • Cloud Storage Integration
    Seamless integration with your Microsoft, Google and Dropbox cloud stores
  • MIS Integration - Data
    Data synchronisation with all leading MIS systems
  • MIS Integration - Reporting
    Timetable, behaviour, attendance and reports